"An accident threatens Earth. John Carson, a pilot is sent to prevent the catastrophy from escalating. Time is running out." 

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Initium is the graduation short film I co-directed during my last year at ArtFX.


  • Project Lead
  • Environment / matte painting of every outside shots.
  • Modeling / texturing / shading ; Futuristic Clock, main station, station corridor, Icebergs, Ice canyon.
  • Lighting / rendering : End of outdoor sequence, shots inside time sphere, countdown shots. 
  • FX : snow particles, temporal sphere, temporal shield.


Directors : Alexandre DECHEL , Adrien LAMBERTEmeric LAROCHETTE, James ROSS-GREETHAM

Freelance Students : Vaimiti GUESDONAlexandre MARLIERRemy BAY


My work on the film :